The Ark Encounter

I’ve been following with great interest the building of a replica of Noah’s Ark in Northern Kentucky (south of Cincinnati). The structure is massive! And it will make for an incredible adventure, taking visitors back in time when the world was very different.

Today we see fossil graveyards all over the world, along with layer upon layer of sediment spanning the entire globe. Even the highest mountains contain marine fossils, and that would be expected if a global flood covered the entire earth (Genesis 7:18-19).

I’m pleased with the progress made at the Ark Encounter, which is set to open to the public this summer- July 7, 2016. It will demonstrate the feasibility of such a vessel, something many people today know little about.

The building of the Ark Encounter has not been without its trials- literally. The opposition has been fierce, mainly from secular organizations and people who don’t want this historical story to be told. Some evolutionists have reported false stories on the Ark Encounter, hoping to discourage and halt the project. Others have claimed that the performance-based sales tax refund the Ark Encounter was granted is a violation of the “separation of church and state,” but that’s incorrect because refusing this would actually represent discrimination against a religious organization, prohibited by the Constitution. And further the exhibit will bring in millions of dollars of revenue to the state, so it’s a win for everyone. Unfortunately lawsuits have been filed in an effort to halt the discrimination by the State of Kentucky.

Despite these attacks, the project has roared ahead, and the advertising campaign has stepped up. I’ve seen a number of commercials already, and am looking forward to the grand opening only a few months away.

When completed, people will be able to step inside and see exactly how Noah could have fit a representative of all the different kinds of animals living at that time. This enormous timber-framed structure is more than one-and-a-half times the length of a football field, half the width of a football field, and stands about eight stories high. The original ark was a marvel of engineering, designed with genius complexity, something ancient man is seldom credited with. We’ll be able to see how Noah and his family would have cared for the animals, feeding and cleaning up after them over the course of an entire year.

The story of Noah and the ark has taken on epic proportions with movies and theater performances. Many books have been written about different aspects, but the Ark Encounter will represent one of the most fantastic efforts to educate and entertain the public on perhaps the greatest cataclysmic event that has shaped our planet.

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