The purpose of this blog will firstly be to uphold scripture as a reliable foundation of truth, and secondly to present and defend the Young Earth Creationist position (YEC). In the course of blogging I hope to have real, in-depth discussions and respectful debates on these subjects. As a Christian I recognize there are many different views and opinions on the creation v.s. evolution topic, and I hope we can explore and discuss these various beliefs and views on a broad number of related topics. My request is that anyone who wishes to participate in discussions show proper respect, even in the midst of a heated or divisive argument.

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    • That’s not how Christians view the Bible. Although the Bible was written by men, it was inspired by God, and it’s a true, non-fiction, historical document.

      But I might ask the same of you: what books, written by people, are you trying so hard to find comfort in? And is it possible that you’re basing some of your arguments on fiction? I bet you’re guilty of the very allegations you’re accusing me of.

  1. Hi Jonathon – from your recent post about the Grand Canyon, it appears that you did not read the book “The Grand Canyon, Monument to an Ancient Earth.” I’d be glad to send you a free copy if you’d like – my email is tkhelble@aim.com

  2. You asked Jason Lisles a correct question about the gravity waves and the 7 Ms delay. It proved Einstein’s prediction that GW traveled at the speed of light for 1.3 billion years. Jason claimed his ASC explains this by the differenct frames of reference between the clocks. This is not taken seriously by anyone as Einstein’s convention was proved by this experiment.
    But just think about it. If GW traveled at infinite speed and the clocks were asynchronous than every GW detection would by 7 ms apart. Since you interviewed Jason other GW have been detected. And guess what? Not one had a 7 ms delay.
    Danny Faulkner wrote about the GW and failed to mention the delay being caused by different time frames. He failed to mention the GW clocked per Einstein’s convention at the speed of light. Wonder why he forgot?
    By not being curious you are taking this deception to a new level.
    It’s almost as bad as AIGs denial of the Alma Array data proving forming solar systems something AIG denies 966 times on their website.

  3. It is easier to argue from scripture that the world is flat or that the universe revolves around the earth than that the six days of Genesis one are 24 hour days, The reformation fathers including Calvin, Luther, Melanchthon, and Wesley were unanimous in condemning the view that the earth actually moves and revolves around the sun. Looking back we can now see how their interpretation of certain passages were too literal or failed to take the observers point of view into account. If the Lord tarries, years from now Young Earth Creationists will likely be seen tin the same light.

    • If you want to argue for a flat earth or that the universe revolves around the earth, go for it! But the Bible is very clear that God created the heavens and earth in six days. It actually says that! And when it’s taken in context, it is referring to six ordinary days. And not only does the Bible say this, but science confirms it! I’ve presented many such evidence on this website for you to examine for yourself.

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