Biological Remains Found in Fossils

Here’s a fantastic article on what was found in various fossils over the course of about sixty years, and it soundly refutes the evolutionary narrative. The fossils in question are remarkable because they contain the original soft tissue and other biological remains of the animals from when they were alive, and this is a big deal because it’s hard evidence that these fossils are not as old as claimed. Supposedly, it takes millions of years for fossils to form, and after all that time, there should be no original soft tissue left. All the organic material should have broken down and decayed, replaced by minerals. Therefore, this list of 85 reports of biological remnants in fossils is important in helping us understand the age of the earth and origin of the universe.

For instance, we know that organic material can’t last hundreds of millions of years based upon experimental evidence. We can observe the decay rate in real time, under various conditions, and extrapolate that to find the maximum age it can last, and it’s well under one million years. The evidence bears this out. Therefore, if a dinosaur fossil is said to be 65 million years old, and it still contains the original proteins from when that animal died, then we know the fossil can’t be that old.

In this case, an article published in a peer reviewed science journal- Expert Review of Proteomics– provides 85 examples of original soft tissue or organic remains found in fossils of all kinds, including mammals, birds, dinosaurs, reptiles, plants, amphibians, insects, and more, from all over the world. The remains found include proteins, collagen, blood vessels, red blood cells, skin, elastin, tubulin, keratin, ovalbumin and connective tissue. The oldest specimens were supposedly more than 500 million years old, so we have clear evidence refuting the evolutionary narrative.

All this wasn’t just surprising to the evolutionary community- who believe the earth to be about 4.5 billion years old- it was scandalous! Scientists who reported such fossil finds were ridiculed, rejected, censored, and even fired for reporting such sacrilegious material. This went against the accepted dogma of the time. Why? Because of the profound implication that these fossils were indeed young- Biblically young! Admitting to this would be akin to conceding that God exists, and that he really did create the heavens and earth less than 10,000 years ago, and that was unacceptable.

But, eventually, the evolutionary community had to concede that biological remnants do exist in fossils. The evidence was overwhelming. However, they still couldn’t bring themselves to accept the inevitable conclusion that the remnants were young. And that’s because they began with the conclusion that the earth is billions of years old, and they believe these fossils are millions of years old. Thus, they had to find a way to preserve their worldview. If they accepted the conclusion that the earth was very young, then the theory of evolution could not survive, and that would be unacceptable.

Therefore, some scientists have suggested that iron is able to preserve these biological remnants. Unfortunately for them, that claim is unsubstantiated by the evidence. The truth is, evolutionists need a rescuing agent in order to avoid the inevitable conclusion that these fossils are not nearly as old as claimed, and that the earth, therefore, isn’t as old as they think it is. They can invent excuses, but the evidence for a young earth is found in these fossils, and it’s overwhelming.

The obvious conclusion is something evolutionists can’t admit to because it’s at odds with their worldview. God really did create the heavens and earth thousands of years ago (less than 10,000), and the Bible affirms this.

2 thoughts on “Biological Remains Found in Fossils

  1. After a friend brought up this topic, I pondered. In the bible, there were these incredibly large and terribly difficult to kill creatures, some spouting flames. Then, pondering upon that, I wondered how accurate scientists (Perhaps the same one’s we’ve been hearing in the news.) are regarding carbon dating. I wondered, how could they know the timeline for millions of years given what I currently perceive and uncertainties. However, together with some classical literature, one might wonder if human beings and dinosaurs existed at the same time. Just pondering.

    • Good thoughts to ponder. I definitely believe humans and dinosaurs existed together. As you alluded to, there’s the leviathan and behemoth mentioned in Scripture, as well as literary sources to support that theory. And I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll discover even more evidence.

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