So why all the controversy

Why is there so much controversy surrounding Creation and evolution?

Evolutionists would have you believe there is no controversy. To them it’s one of the most well-established laws right along with gravity. In fact they won’t take you seriously unless you believe what they believe; namely that all life has evolved from a common ancestor approximately 2.7 to 3.8 billion years ago by purely naturalistic causes.  The only controversy acknowledged within the evolutionary community is exactly how it happens, not whether or not it happens.

In fact here’s one answer to the question, “Why is the theory of evolution so controversial?”:

 One thing that is important to note is that the theory of evolution is no longer controversial within the scientific community, but only in the public domain. To scientists, the experts who have researched and tested the more-than-just-a-theory for 150 years, it is an accepted fact on which all of biology is predicated. While scientists debate the fine details of evolution and the evolutionary history of earth (which is completely natural and unsurprising in the scientific community), no serious scientist doubts the validity of the theory as a whole. (from

This is actually a common answer provided by supporters of evolution, but it’s not truthful at all, unless a “serious scientist” is redefined as one who believes in evolution. But is it honest to redefine what a scientist is for political expediency? Of course not. Evolutionists, in this case, must write the rules in their favor in order to win the debate.

In addition, it’s not so difficult to find those within the scientific community who reject evolution and are willing to speak out. There are many organizations employing scientists who speak publicly and write articles critical of evolution and in favor of Creation or Intelligent Design. Not only that, but there are scientists and doctors who reject evolution privately, not wanting to draw attention to themselves for various reasons. It’s even been widely reported that those in the scientific community who express any criticism of evolution are open to discrimination. I even know of professors who encourage their students not to make their opposition to evolution known because it could potentially affect their grades. Other professors, in fact, have been open to their opposition to students who oppose evolution, such as Professor Michael Dini at Texas Tech. He claims, “The central, unifying principle of biology is the theory of evolution, which includes both micro- and macroevolution, and which extends to ALL species.” He also says, “Someone who ignores the most important theory in biology cannot expect to properly practice in a field that is now so heavily based on biology.”

I’ll sum this up by suggesting that the controversy primarily stems from those who appear to be in the majority who wish to maintain their power. Various forms of Creationism are threats to that power, so it serves them well to convince as many people as possible that evolution is an unquestioned fact, and that such understanding is the only thing that allows us to do real science. Of course this idea is only a belief and not based on any objective facts. Truth be told, practicing science or medicine is primarily done without any reference or understanding of evolution. I’ve heard from many doctors and scientists who’ve practiced without bringing evolution into their work. So such sensationalist talk is just hype and a smoke screen.

Now another controversy arises among those who are religious. Being religious I’ll define as anyone who adheres to any religion that has input regarding the origin of man and the universe (excluding atheism). This is fairly broad and even includes those who believe in evolution. Belief in evolution is not exclusively the realm devoted to atheists, although it predominantly is. Various religions, churches and denominations often express their beliefs on the origins of man and the universe, although there are some that won’t take a stand on the issue because it’s so controversial, the main reason being that we don’t want to offend anyone.

I’d suggest that what’s upsetting to many believers is how their “sacred texts”, such as the Bible or Quran, are in conflict or apparent conflict with the secular story of our origins. For example, is the Bible really the Word of God, or is it merely written by ancient man? Does the Bible really have anything to say on scientific matters? Does it even tell us anything relevant about our origins? Who is God, and what are his characteristics? Some people want to completely separate science and religion, as if they’re entirely different realms, and this imposes other controversies. It’s not uncommon for people within the same church to have conflicting opinions on all of these questions. At this point it’s important to note that one particular set of beliefs doesn’t determine salvation. In other words one can be a Christian and believe in Creation, evolution, Intelligent Design, Progressive Creation, long earth Creationism, or any other type of belief. The problem, then, is a matter of theology, and this is primarily what I wish to address. The root issue I wish to present and discuss is that the Bible is truly the infallible Word of God and can be trusted on all matters that are relevant. It is the foundation and solid rock on which we stand.

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