Life on Earth Was Not a Fluke

A headline at caught my attention. It stated that “Chemists show life on Earth was not a fluke”. My first reaction was, “Of course life on Earth wasn’t a fluke. God created it on purpose.” But I knew that’s not what they had in mind. What seemed like a no-brainer to me was a serious article on The Origin of Life. So I continued to read with interest because this is at odds with one of the best scientific laws- that life only comes from life. There are no known exceptions to this law, and no one has ever observed any violation. Life never comes from non-living material, yet evolutionists must believe by faith that this happened at least once on earth, or someplace else in the universe.

Therefore it’s no surprise that the origin of life is still a mystery to secular science. Some scientists, however, are hoping that today’s biomolecules can provide some clues. These “molecular machines” don’t do much on their own, but they begin to react in a “highly specific manner” when fatty chemicals (which serves as a membrane) are added.

Scientists are amazed at the self-organization they observe and hope to figure out how it works so that they can solve the origin of life mystery. This self-organization occurs when various forces work to bring different chemicals together so that they can perform complex tasks. Read the entire article here if you’re interested in the details.

In summary, even though no one understands the self-organization process involved, researchers at the University of Roma Tre conclude that it’s possible for the self-assembly of molecular machines to produce simple cells, which may be an “inevitable physical process”.

While I look at this and marvel at God’s design, secular scientists explain these observations as some kind of natural process that was bound to happen. Molecular machines are not some simple blob of goo, but are complex molecules designed to perform complex functions and sustain life.

There’s a clear philosophical contrast between secular scientists and those who believe that God is responsible for the universe and all of life. Those who believe in God believe that he created the laws of physics so that we could understand and describe them. But those who believe in purely naturalistic explanations will maintain that a great explosion cause by the Big Bang brought amazing order to the chaos.

I have little doubt that someday scientists will be able to create life in some form or another. In fact this reminds me of the passage in Genesis 11:6 at the Tower of Babel when God described man’s ability to accomplish anything: “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” Today scientists do speak the same language (so to speak), so I’m not surprised at all by what man can accomplish. However, the one thing that will be proven if scientists ever “create” life is that life can only arise as a result of intelligent processes and design. They’ll want us to believe that if they can create life in a controlled setting, then that proves that it could have happened by naturalistic processes. On the contrary it will only demonstrate that life was designed.

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