Visit to the T-Rex Cafe

I was on vacation this past weekend and tried a pretty neat place in Kansas City called the T-Rex Café. Now they don’t have the best food around, but it’s an enjoyable place, and if you bring kids along, they’ll love it! The café is filled with dinosaurs in all the seating areas and makes for some fun entertainment while grabbing a bight to eat (perhaps a T-Rexadilla, Jurassic salad, or a Cretaceous Chicken Fried Steak). Of course I loved it as well and would go back again just for the fun of it.

They also have a nice gift shop to buy all kinds of cool dinosaur stuff. But the only thing that bothered me were some of the children’s books proclaiming millions of years of evolution. It’s a shame that children are indoctrinated this way to believe that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and eventually evolved into birds. The Scripture tells us that God created birds before dinosaurs-on day five of creation, and he created the dinosaurs, like all land animals, on day six (the same day he created man).


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