Bill Nye on Extraterrestrials

Bill Nye gets plenty of attention these days, and in this interview with the HuffPost he claims that extraterrestrials “gotta exist”.

He leaves no room for doubt. He’s very relaxed and sure of himself when he claims with certainty that its gotta be the case that alien life exists. As evidence he claims that there are 200 billion stars in this galaxy alone, and then you start talking about the hundreds of billions of galaxies, which in turn have hundreds of billions of stars, which in turn have tens of hundreds of billions/ trillions of planets. “Come on,” he says incredulously.

I have to admit that he’s a good communicator who’s good at convincing others to buy in to what he’s selling, but what he doesn’t realize is that he’s trapped by his own worldview, which doesn’t allow for any other possibilities. As an ardent evolutionist, he cannot contemplate the idea that the earth could be the only planet where life originated. He’s simply banking on the odds that its gotta be the case, and if you don’t agree with him, well, you’ve gotta be outa your mind!

Unfortunately the odds aren’t in his favor, and this has been recognized by scientists (of which Nye is not) for years. Scientists realize just how improbable extraterrestrial life is, thus they’ve resorted to multiverses (an infinite number of universes with an infinite number of outcomes and physics) in order to beat the odds. The fine-tuning argument- the idea that the earth and our solar system is perfectly tuned for our existence- is so compelling that scientists have resorted to hypothetical concepts that probably are not true in order to explain our existence.

But the bottom line is that we have no evidence of extraterrestrial life. Scientists have been searching in vain for decades to no avail. And of course they will continue to do so because of one main philosophical concept. Namely it’s the idea that all life on earth evolved from a single common ancestor, which itself originated from non-living material, and therefore, life is bound to have happened elsewhere. It’s a simple, elegant proposal that makes sense if we reject the notion that God exists and is absolutely responsible for whether or not extraterrestrial life exists. If God doesn’t exist, then sure, it makes complete sense that life could and probably does exist elsewhere. But the moment we believe that God could or does exist and is in complete control of everything that exists, then the odds of extraterrestrial life existing vanishes and is no longer inevitable.

Sure, some people believe that God ‘could have’ created life elsewhere, but such an admission doesn’t mean that God did so. Some would argue that if God didn’t create life elsewhere, then the universe is such a waste of space. But that’s just a personal opinion that others don’t agree with. It could be that God made the universe so huge and vast simply for our pleasure (or for other reasons).

But no matter how vast the universe is, and regardless of how many planets exist, if God didn’t create extraterrestrial life, then Bill Nye’s rationale utterly fails. If God only created life on earth, then we’ll never find life elsewhere- unless life from earth has been transported throughout our solar system and beyond.

I see no reason to believe that God created life elsewhere. God created the earth to be man’s home, and he has revealed our origin in Genesis, and has revealed the end times in Revelation; there’s nothing in the Bible that would lead us to believe life exists elsewhere. Further, there’s no scientific evidence suggesting that extraterrestrial life exists. Everywhere we look, space is empty and void of life. The moon, Mars, Venus, and all the other planets we’ve observed are lifeless. But nonetheless, scientists still hold out hope that we’ll find life in the oceans of one of Saturn’s moons, or somewhere else in our solar system. I happen to think they’re wrong, and predict no such life will be found.

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