Another function found for junk DNA

There was a time when scientists believed only 2% of DNA was functional, while 98% was useless garbage, information left over from our less evolved ancestors. Needless to say, this kind of evolutionary thinking left a gaping hole in our knowledge as scientists weren’t interested in studying meaningless junk; and that’s how the term “junk DNA” arose back in 1972.

It was decades later before researchers began to realize their mistake, and by 2003 scientists found functionality in these genes, admitting that junk DNA is critical to cells, regulating gene activity during development. It wasn’t long before new predictions estimated that we’d discover that 80 to 100 percent of this material is functional.

Over at I found an article on an RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecule, explaining that scientists found a protein which regulates calcium uptake in muscles. I loved the title of the article: “Not So Noncoding” it read, referring to the fact that scientists once believed it to be noncoding. Now they realize that this RNA- or micropeptide- is expressed in skeletal muscle and regulates cells, helping muscles to relax.

Evolutionists once believed junk DNA was evidence that God doesn’t exist. They argued that because there was so much wasteful material in DNA, the idea that there was a god was ludicrous. If God did exist, then there wouldn’t be so much garbage.

Of course if one could make the case that the existence of garbage in DNA is evidence against the existence of God, then the fact that there’s little to no garbage should be evidence for the existence of God.

It’s always encouraging to see that God has provided sufficient evidence of his existence all around us; all we have to do is look for it.

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