Star Wars Technology on its Way

Here’s a fun article from Live Science for fans. Yesterday, May 4th, was Star Wars Day, and today the saga continues with Revenge of the Fifth.

Is it possible for any of the Star Wars technology to become reality? Will we ever have real light sabers, tractor beams, hyperdrives, land speeders, laser canons, droids and holograms? Or is it all pure science fiction?

Check out the article and see for yourself what kinds of technologies have emerged. Today we have robots that serve all kinds of functions, including building cars and performing surgeries. But so far they can’t interact with us as well as R2D2 or C3PO, and that could be a good thing, from a certain point of view.

It’s amazing to imagine, but we’re on the verge of being chauffeured by driverless cars, and there are already speeder bikes being designed and tested. The Navy has successfully developed a laser weapon capable of destroying enemy targets, and, believe it or not, scientists are using tractors beams. Enjoy, and May the Fourth be with you! (or the fifth)

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