Cellular Design

One of the most fascinating things to me is learning about biology at the cellular level. It’s amazing that we can study a strange world, invisible to the naked eye, and attempt to understand how life operates.

Cells perform complex tasks based on blueprints; they build things, much the same way we’d expect a factory to orchestrate an assembly line and produce a car. In this microscopic universe we can observe countless examples of design… consider the fantastic precision and accuracy of the systems being manufactured. To that end, I would suggest that something designed requires a designer, and I believe God is the designer described in Genesis.

Over at Discovery Science, they created some short videos illustrating these design principles and features, and they included one of my favorites- a kinesin, the workhorse of the cell, a miniature motorized machine that serves as a transportation system for the components in a cell. This protein walks along a self-assembling highway, stepping one foot over the other, delivering its cargo. Take a look.

I included four short videos, including ATP Synthase (the powerplant of the cell), Journey Inside the Cell, and the Amazing Flagellum.

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