Hurricane Dorian and Climate Change

Considering the long list of Democrat candidates, the issues they bring to the table, and the damage by Hurricane Dorian, now seems to be a good time to touch on the latest in climate change. I honestly dislike this topic because it’s a political hoax masquerading as science, and the Democrat party continues to double and triple-down on their fear-mongering. The American people need to stop them.

Exhibit 1: Get this. Mayor Pete Buttigieg compares fighting climate change to World War II: “This is the hardest thing we will have done certainly in my lifetime as a country, this on par with winning World War II,” he said. “Perhaps even more challenging than that.”

I’d like to think he’s not serious. Perhaps he’s spouting these irresponsible claims just to pander to his radical, left-wing base, but, then again, maybe he really does believe humans can control the climate, and that failing to do so is as great a threat as the Nazi invasion in WWII. But if that’s true, then does he also think we should invade China and India and force them to reduce their carbon footprint? Apparently; Buttigieg says he wants to harness the military to “get things done when it comes to the biggest crisis on our plates.” Whether he’s serious or not, we can’t afford to have people like him wield political power. We need to expose the nuttiness and irrationality, and we must be diligent so that these people don’t attain any more political power and cause more damage.

It’s a shame, but Buttigieg’s divisive rhetoric gets worse as he appears to dictate compliance: “We don’t have the luxury of debating whether this is an issue”. Then he preys on the fears of the left: “This is a life or death issue.” and, “If you believe that God is watching as poison is being belched into the air of creation, and people are being harmed by it… what do you suppose God thinks of that? I bet he thinks it’s messed up. And you don’t have to be religious to see the moral dimension of this.” Finally he claims, “It’s a kind of sin.”

So he wants to silence our dissent, and, even though the left is hostile towards religion and Christianity and demands a separation of church and state, he appeals to us on religious grounds in an effort to trick people into voting Democrat. The only point I agree with him on is that the left lives in an alternate reality from the rest of us.

Exhibit II: Back on March 15, Al Gore compared climate change to the Civil War: “What is going on in the public square right now is more important than any time since the Civil War… We are facing an ecological crisis that can bring about the end of civilization.”

See a trend? The left is comparing climate change to some of the worst wars in American history, scaring people into voting for them. What will they claim next? The end of civilization? Oh, wait, they did! Can it get any worse?

This alarmism is irresponsible, if not cruel. Children are living in fear over a sick political agenda, and we need to bring an end to the madness. Many even consider their tactics a form of child abuse.

Exhibit III: Speaking of children living in fear, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) recently claimed she woke up at 3:30 in the morning because she was in such fear of climate change: melting glaciers, rising sea levels, underwater coastal cities, and mid-west cities experiencing drought… all that unless we change our consumption habits. Oh, no!!! Again, we must vote Democrat, give government complete control of our lives, and relinquish our freedoms if we want to exist in ten years. I mean, who wants to go extinct?

But that’s not all. AOC tweeted about Hurricane Dorian’s destruction: “This is what climate change looks like: it hits vulnerable communities first.” Uh, no, this isn’t what climate change looks like; this is what a hurricane looks like, and hurricanes don’t seek out victims. That’s not how weather operates. Wow, her reputation as an idiot is well-earned.

Honestly, one reason why I’m not convinced these politicians actually believe climate change is real Is their sheer hypocrisy. If they really believed it, they would reduce their carbon footprint and set an example for others to follow. But they don’t. They’re some of the worst abusers and polluters on the planet, flying on private jets, driving SUV’s, eating meat and sucking on straws. But they have no problem dictating the lives of others. They will force us to comply, and their efforts will ruin lives; that’s Fascism. These politicians are bent on curtailing our freedoms and denying choice. Make no mistake, when it comes to the bogeyman climate monster, the Democrat party is not pro-choice.

Exhibit IV: Democrat Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is going all-out on climate change, proposing giant space mirrors as an emergency measure to reflect the sun’s energy. Brilliant!

Exhibit V: Bernie Sanders, not to be outdone, has proposed a socialist manifesto to pay for his plans. Not only does he wish to end fracking, but he calls for other draconian measures, such as population control. Sanders proposes to target minority babies in Mexico and other poor countries. This is no longer abortion on-demand, allowing a woman to do as she chooses with a living baby, but now the government will decide what to do with a woman’s body for the sake of a horrifying political ideology. How long before they go after the sick, disabled, and elderly “for the greater good”?

I remember when Paul Ehrlich’s population control measures were advocated by the left because they feared the earth would become overpopulated and people would starve, so we’d be better off if undesirables were eliminated. However, as the population continues to grow, there has been no shortage of food, except in socialist, communist and third world countries that the left wishes to emulate.

Exhibit VI: If you think all this is bad, consider the Swedish scientist who proposed cannibalism to fight climate change. Yes, alarmists insist on finding “different options in the name of sustainability.” Unfortunately (depending on whom you ask), humans have a taboo against cannibalism. Yet others, like Richard Dawkins, hope producing lab-grown meat will “overcome our taboo”. Yuck!

Exhibit VII: After Hurricane Dorian hit the coast, CNN claimed that climate change is causing more frequent and more intense hurricanes, but that is false, despite liberals wishing it were true. The NOAA even predicts fewer Atlantic hurricanes.

Climatologist Roy Spencer said, “The ones I look at are the long term. Because that’s climate. Climate is long term. And since 1900, out of all of the major hurricanes that have hit Florida, there has been no long-term trend in either their intensity, or in the number of major hurricanes- that is Cat 3 or stronger, that have hit Florida… of the 7 hurricanes since 1871, the 7 hurricanes that went over the most unusually warm water for that time of year, and then it Florida, all of them occurred before 1950.” He went on: “if you look at the data going back over a hundred years, you really can’t support increasing hurricane activity with the increasing sea surface temperatures that we actually are seeing.”

Exhibit VIII: Kamala Harris wants to change the food pyramid and dietary guidelines to reduce red meat, and she wants food labels to list their impact to the environment.

Exhibit IX: Here’s a revealing interview by Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore who correctly refers to climate change as a completely made-up issue, fake science, and hoax. He explains how Greenpeace went from a humanitarian effort to an anti-human ideology where people are “enemies of the Earth”. He says the company was hijacked by the extreme left, and he resigned because it was pushing misinformation and using fear to become a money-making racket. He calls people promoting climate change as snake oil salesmen and charlatans “scaring young people into thinking that they’re going to die.” The environmental movement is perpetuating a climate “crisis or catastrophe that actually doesn’t exist.”

Well said. The left will stop at nothing to impose their agenda, so that means we must clamp down on their fear-mongering and alarmism and be the voice of reason. One of the most important and effective things we can do to combat their misleading rhetoric is voting them out of office. Climate change should not instill fear in anyone because a changing climate is completely natural.

Photo credit: NASA

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