Reports of a Feathered Dinosaur Found in Australia

Feathered dinosaurs are an evolutionary icon, but the evidence for feathers on dinosaurs is weak, if not forced. According to evolutionists, dinosaurs evolved into birds, and that means they need to show this transition, and they’ll pursue any glimmer of hope to prove it.

Here’s an article claiming that a feathered dinosaur fossil was discovered in Australia. But when we examine what was found, it’s not so sensational.

According to the report, ten fossilized feathers were found. But how the report defines a feather, and what the feathers are attributed to, is the key. Among the ten feathers were, specifically, “tufted hair-like ‘proto-feathers’ from meat-eating dinosaurs, together with downy body feathers, and wing feathers from primitive birds that would have been used for flight”.

In other words, some of the feathers aren’t even real feathers. The researchers redefined feathers to include ‘proto-feathers’ in order to claim they were from a feathered dinosaur when they weren’t. And, interestingly enough, some of the feathers were real feathers belonging to real birds. So, if birds already existed, then it’s hard for evolutionists to substantiate the claim that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

Then what did researchers really discover? The ‘proto-feathers’ are likely nothing more than dermal or frayed collagen fibers. Experts like Paleontologist Theagarten Linghman-Soliar have said,

“Our findings show no evidence for the existence of protofeathers and consequently no evidence in support of the follicular theory of the morphogenesis of the feather. Rather, based on histological studies of the integument of modern reptiles, which show complex patterns of the collagen fibers of the dermis, we conclude that “protofeathers” are probably the remains of collagenous fiber “meshworks” that reinforced the dinosaur integument. These “meshworks” of the skin frequently formed aberrant patterns resembling feathers as a consequence of decomposition.”

Another expert, Alan Feduccia, said,

“The major and most worrying problem of the feathered dinosaur hypothesis is that the integumental structures have been homologized with avian feathers on the basis of anatomically and paleontologically unsound and misleading information.”

So there’s really no good reason to claim that a feathered dinosaur was discovered, or that dinosaurs evolved into birds. Yet one of the main reasons to do so is to reinforce evolutionary beliefs, so that those who read the article will be convinced that dinosaurs, indeed, evolved into birds, and then pass those beliefs on to others. It’s a propaganda tool.

Nonetheless, God did create a wide variety of birds and flying reptiles, including Pterodactyls, Archaeopteryx, Avisaurus, Confuciusornis, and Microraptor. But the evidence doesn’t support dinosaurs evolving feathers.

5 thoughts on “Reports of a Feathered Dinosaur Found in Australia

    • Well, I do agree the article from Fox News is rubbish, if that’s what you mean. But if you’re referring to my article, can you articulate what the lies were? If not, you seem to be appealing to your emotions rather than truth. And if you’re not a Christian, how do you even know what truth is?

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