A Strange New World

I ran across this amazing piece of footage from the Schmidt Ocean Institute.

Researchers have been exploring the Ningaloo Canyons in the Indian Ocean off of Western Australia, and they’ve discovered a strange new world filled with sea creatures, fauna and sea floors never seen until now. For the first time, underwater cameras have reached depths over 4,500 meters at this location, compiling over 181 hours of recordings during 20 dives through canyons and coral reefs.

From the Schmidt Ocean Institute

Among their discoveries include the longest siphonophore ever recorded- an extended colony of cloned cells reaching an estimated 150 feet, perhaps the longest sea creature on Earth. I’ve never seen many of these animals before- glass sponges, a faceless cusk eel, and sponge gardens, so this was a real treat.

I love aquariums and could stare into one for hours, and I could certainly watch and admire an endless loop this footage. The diversity of God’s design is awesome. As one of the researchers commented, “Life begets life”. Take a look at the stunning video and enjoy a feast of underwater beauty.

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