Review – A Matter of Days – Introduction

My previous two posts concentrated on a video presentation by Dr. Denis Lamoreaux where he discusses his book on theistic evolution, called Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution. I’m critical of his conclusions because he has reinterpreted the Bible, and justifies it by his adherence to an approach he refers to as Biblical accommodation.

In this post, I’m reblogging a similar review of Dr. Hugh Ross’s book, A Matter of Days by my fellow blogger, ApoloJedi. While he provides an excellent critique on all twenty chapters, I’m posting his review of Chapter 1, and I hope you enjoy his take on Dr. Ross’s version of old earth creation.


Dr. Ross begins his book by explaining part of the reason for his book:

Debates over the age of the universe and earth and the length of the Genesis creation days have-for the past several decades-deeply divided the evangelical Christian community…This impediment to Christian unity appears to be heightening into a storm of ferocious fury.

He is correct here. He is attempting in his book to provide a rebuttal to those who hold a young earth position, so that the “unity” for which he longs is really the eradication of the ideas of the other side. There is significant division on this point, but he seems not to understand the totality of the division when he writes, 

What could generate such tension and divisiveness? One simple word: ‘day’.

While the word day is the catalyst for such division, the totality of the argument is better understood to be ‘biblical interpretation.’…

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