Film Review: Dismantled

Dismantled is a documentary described as “a scientific deconstruction of evolution.” It was released this past weekend, and I had the chance to view it online.

The case for evolution has never been as strong as it has been portrayed, but what I find amazing is that the more we learn about science, the more it affirms the Biblical narrative of creation found in Genesis.

This documentary delves into the world of DNA, marvels at its complexity, and refutes the false narrative that humans and chimps are 99% similar. It considers the beneficial mutations demanded by evolution, and provides solid evidence against this theory based on mutation rates. It examines our supposed human ancestors, such as the famous Lucy, and demonstrates how they cannot be related to humans, while defending Neanderthals as fully human. And it does all this by using peer-reviewed sources from major evolutionary institutions, such as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Perhaps my favorite segment was the discussion on how mainstream scientists have identified Mitochondrial Eve and Y-Chromosome Adam, both of whom point directly back to the Biblical Adam and Eve. Scientists studying the mutational branches in our DNA can actually trace our family tree back to one man and one woman who lived only thousands of years ago.

To be fair, evolutionists would claim that Mitochondrial Eve lived about 200,000 years ago, and Y-Chromosome Adam lived about 100,000 years ago, so they couldn’t be the same Adam and Eve mentioned in the Bible. However, the evolutionary timeline has been stretched- calibrated by using unprovable assumptions about the past. But if we use real-world, measurable data, that timeline collapses into the Biblical time frame.

Further, scientists have identified bottlenecks in the human population which actually point back to the Biblical flood and the dispersion at Babel.

A number of outstanding creation scientists are featured in this documentary, including doctors Rob Carter, John Sanford, and Jason Lisle, and they provide fascinating commentary on many of these subjects.

The documentary was enjoyable, and I plan on adding it to my library. If you’re unfamiliar with the evidence refuting evolution, this film is helpful because it shows how all evidence is interpreted against one’s worldview. And I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about how science agrees with the creation account, while dismantling evolution. The Bible got the science right when it was written thousands of years ago, and modern science is just now catching up.

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