Ken Ham to Debate Bill Nye the Science Guy

I was very excited when I heard that Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis will be debating Bill Nye the “Science Guy” on February 4th, 2014. The event will take place at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, and it’s gaining a lot of attention. Bill Nye has been in the news a fair amount recently due to his anti-creation comments, so I’m very pleased that he has agreed to this debate.

Many people, including myself, are a bit surprised at this, because one of the tactics evolutionists use is refusing to debate creationists. In their minds it gives creationists credibility, and that’s something they’re adamantly opposed to. However another reason they refuse to debate creationists is because creationists typically win the debate! So it comes as no surprise that the opposition is pressuring Nye to cancel the debate.

I’ll be following this event closely and hope it happens to much fanfare.

See the link below to view a newscast by WAVE3 TV (Louisville, Kentucky).

WAVE3 TV Newscast

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