New Movie, Genesis: Paradise Lost

A new documentary, Genesis: Paradise Lost, is set to be released in theaters on Monday, November 13, and will be available for two nights only. This film will feature high-tech, digitally generated scenes depicted from the book of Genesis, as well as interviews from Ph.D. Scientists providing scientific evidence for a young earth.

The movie offers both a regular, 2D viewing and a RealD 3D viewing, and promises to entertain and educate viewers on the controversies surrounding the Genesis creation account, while challenging evolutionary indoctrination.

Check out the trailer, and look for showtimes in a theater near you. The movie’s website offers additional information, including a theater search option.

The movie will only be available in theaters on Monday, November 13, and Thursday, November 16. Be sure to plan your night out at the theater with your family and support the message.

Here’s a link to a review that may be helpful as well.

“There are only two possibilities: we just happened, or somebody made us.” – Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner

Do you believe in evolution? How about an earth that’s 4.5 billion years old, or a universe 13.8 billion years old? Or are you interested in learning about evidence refuting these beliefs and ideas? Come on out to the theater and learn more.

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