Review of Genesis: Paradise Lost

I was thrilled to finally see this movie make it to the big screen Monday night. Many highly anticipated movies end up disappointing me, but Paradise Lost met my expectations, and I think it’s well-positioned for a sequel.

I watched the RealD 3D version, and while I really don’t care for 3D movies, I have to admit that the effects were impressive. The theater was nearly full, and the audience provided a well-deserved round of applause at the end. The movie is family friendly, and I enjoyed listening to kids talking about their favorite dinosaurs!

Genesis: Paradise Lost does a wonderful job accomplishing its goal of educating and entertaining. It focuses on the creation account described in the Biblical book of Genesis, and presents the case for creation over evolution with powerful testimonies from scientists and researchers. The movie combines a documentary with cutting-edge digital animation to bring God’s creation to light, and inspires the audience to imagine what it would have been like to witness the beginning. And while the speakers do provide a large volume of information to digest over the course of the two-hour and ten-minute film, they make it understandable.

Presented by Fathom Events and Directed by Ralph Strean, this powerful film takes aim at some of the most controversial topics posed by evolutionists, including geology, the age of the earth, biogenesis, human ancestry, common descent, and Noah’s worldwide flood.

Genesis: Paradise Lost was scheduled to be in theaters two nights only, so you’ll have one last chance to see it in the theater this Thursday, November 16. Catch it out if you can.

As for criticism, I would like to have seen more movie and less documentary. But I certainly understand how hard it is to fit the perfect amount of content into a film like this, so I’m excited there will be a Part Two. I also didn’t know who all the speakers were, so it would have been nice had they been identified during the film rather than at the end, when the credits rolled.

Minor spoiler: I noticed a few details that didn’t’ make sense though. During the creation of the moon, it looked like there were craters on it, but I wouldn’t expect there to be any craters at the beginning of creation. And many of the creation animals looked like modern animals; I would like to have seen predominantly extinct animals and early variations of today’s animal kingdom.

Otherwise, I was quite pleased with the film, give it a big thumbs-up, and encourage all to purchase a copy when it comes out on DVD.

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