Evolution of Ape, Monkey and Human Locomotion

The idea of human evolution is filled with uncertainty disguised as certainty. It’s a belief widely touted as fact. But in reality, evolution is based upon ancient, fragmented fossils and unsubstantiated conjecture.

In this article by Phys Org, we can find holes in their claims. For instance, evolutionary ideas are being promoted based on a single broken bone.

Evolutionists believe Old World monkeys- like baboons and macaques- are more similar to their ancestors than modern apes. But after examining the femur of a supposed common ancestor- Aegyptopithecus Zeuxis– it was determined that both apes and Old World monkeys have evolved new forms of locomotion. Paleoanthropologist Sergio Almecija said, “As far as the hip is concerned, it seems that apes, humans, and Old World monkeys have all parted ways long ago—which would explain why they move around so differently today.”

Despite their claims, there’s no evidence that one evolved into the other. The author admits that the hip joints of each kind is as far from the other as their supposed ancestor. Evolutionists want us to simply accept evolution without question and ignore the biological overhauls these organisms must endure in order for evolution to be true. Never mind the evidence, there’s nothing to see here…

Consider, if we don’t assume evolution, logic would suggest that these animal kinds are unrelated; even the research gives us reason to doubt evolution. No evidence for evolution is provided, except for that very assumption. We’re told that evolution is “suggested” by their research, but they don’t substantiate this claim. Needless to say, they don’t mention that the evidence doesn’t demand evolution, and I would contend that evolution is not even remotely implied. The fact that ape, monkey and human morphology and anatomy are so different implies that they’re not related, and one didn’t evolve into the other.

Further, no one can observe or experiment on the past. It’s not like we can go back in time and document said evolution or repeat it. It must be accepted by faith.

I’d suggest a better explanation is the Biblical explanation: apes and monkeys were created by God as different kinds, and humans are created in God’s image. None of them evolved.

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