Cutting-Edge Research on the Grand Canyon

Geologist, Dr. Andrew Snelling, has published cutting-edge research, and his conclusions support a global flood rather than millions of years of deposition. The research is focused on bent layers within the Grand Canyon that are smooth, not cracked. Creationists contend that the layers were bent without cracking because the process occurred shortly after the flood ended, while the layers were still soft. Evolutionists, however, claim the layers were bent millions of years after they were already hardened, and they didn’t break because of metamorphic processes.

The problem is, evolutionists have never done the research to verify if their claims are true, even though the technology was there to do just that. One has to wonder why.

This story began in 2014 when Dr. Snelling applied for a permit to obtain samples in the Grand Canyon, which he had done numerous times in the past 25 years. But this time he was refused. As it turns out, some professors who received the application were actively blocking him because he was a creationist. Therefore, the Alliance Defending Freedom became involved in 2016, and they filed a lawsuit against the federal government for discrimination. And in June of 2017, the ADF won the lawsuit because discrimination was evident.

Then, in August of 2017, Dr. Snelling and his team launched their raft into the Grand Canyon to collect the samples. And after four years of meticulous research, he published evidence demonstrating that the Grand Canyon deposits were formed and bent while still soft rather than hardened.

This is significant because it contradicts the evolutionary model. Is this why evolutionists were trying to block his research? Were they afraid of what would be discovered?

Dr. Snelling published his research in a peer reviewed journal, and it details the evidence showing that the rocks were soft when they were bent, with no evidence of metamorphism.

For more details, watch his interview, in which he presents a concise analysis of his research.

This research refutes the evolutionary paradigm of hundreds of millions of years, but is consistent with a young earth, in which the flood occurred only thousands of years ago. And if this is true, then it explains how the Grand Canyon was formed very rapidly, under catastrophic conditions.

Evolutionists are fond of claiming there’s no evidence for Biblical creation, but when such evidence is presented, they don’t take the time to understand it apart from their own worldview and reject it out-of-hand. The total interview is only 34 minutes long, so visit the Answers in Genesis website and check it out!

3 thoughts on “Cutting-Edge Research on the Grand Canyon

  1. I think its fairly obvious from looking the grand canyon over that the bottom section is turned on its side. Obviously that was one event, and farther above there is redwall what is below it and above it likely were two separate events meaning some time even if that was a year or two must have taken place before a different event happened that would change the massive amount of sediment.. Still all of it was under water.. Land animals would not be able to survive through whatever it took to lay all those layers down. And each continent has layers.. all of it before the first creation days was under water as well. Only the bible says that.. And the geology suggests that as well. Most of the planets existence seems to have been under water.

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