The Days of ‘Junk DNA’ Are Over

Here are two related articles that do more to debunk evolution rather than support it.

Although the intent of the articles are meant to advance evolutionary theory, they do more to damage it by shedding light on the incorrect assumptions behind evolution.

The first article from Evolution News is based on a study telling us that “The days of ‘Junk DNA’ are over”. From a creationist perspective, this is really great news! Well, actually, it’s really old news. Creationists have been proclaiming the functionality of these non-coding areas of DNA for years and touting their importance to science and biology.

The problem is that scientists wanted to believe this DNA was leftover material from our evolutionary past and had no function at all. Some predicted that one day we’d be able to use genetic engineering to strip the “junk DNA” from our genome. How’s that for inhibiting the advancement of science? Popular evolutionists would have one believe that creationists inhibit science by identifying God as the creator of life and the universe, but, in reality, it is evolutionists who are guilty- as they ignored 98 percent of DNA due to their own bias. To them, this is all very unexpected and mysterious, especially when they’re forced to acknowledge that this happens “rapidly over time and across generations.”

And the ramifications are notable, as evolutionary biologists like Dan Graur admitted, “if ENCODE is right, then evolution is wrong.” And that’s exactly right because their evolutionary predictions have been falsified. Now that we know these areas of DNA have functionality, where’s the evolution? It becomes a completely arbitrary and useless concept.

A second article by Science Daily asks, “What makes us human? The answer may be found in overlooked DNA.”

Again, it’s significant that evolutionary biologists are just now catching up to creation scientists, who have been aware of this for years.

To be fair, these evolutionists are not conceding evolution. In fact they make it very clear they believe chimp and human DNA are “very similar”, and that they are our closest living relative (mentioned three times in the article for reinforcement). Yet they’re forced to acknowledge the overlooked importance of non-coded DNA in explaining our vast differences.

It’s important to note that their evolutionary beliefs cannot be substantiated. At best, they’re built upon speculation and unprovable assumptions, shaped by an evolutionary worldview. In truth, this research should be a wakeup call to evolutionists, telling them that we didn’t evolve from animals at all.

Nonetheless, by using stem cells grown in a lab and turning them into the brain cells of humans and chimps, scientists compared them and found that humans and chimps use DNA differently! Sadly, this was unexpected for these researchers because it goes against their deeply held evolutionary assumptions. But it’s perfectly consistent with human beings being created fully human by God. So this is excellent evidence for creation.

According to researcher Johan Jakobsson, “This suggests that the basis for the human brain’s evolution are genetic mechanisms that are probably a lot more complex than previously thought, as it was supposed that the answer was in those two per cent of the genetic DNA. Our results indicate that what has been significant for the brain’s development is instead perhaps hidden in the overlooked 98 per cent, which appears to be important. This is a surprising finding.”

As you can see, these researchers are surprised by their own research, but they don’t (or won’t) question evolution. Jakobsson goes on to say that he believes “the brain is key to understanding what it is that makes us human” But I would suggest it’s more than just the brain, but our soul. God created human beings in his image, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re so different from chimps.

Lastly, Jakobsson reluctantly admits, “we may now be forced to delve deeper into all 100 per cent — a considerably more complicated task for research.” Well, that’s science, and that’s what scientists are supposed to do. So we can see yet another example of evolution inhibiting science.

As time goes on, we’re going to find staggering amounts of difference between animals and humans, perhaps as much as 70 percent between chimps and humans!

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