What Are The Odds Life Originated On Its Own?

So, what are the chances of life originating on its own by naturalistic processes? This is a great question, and I’ve asked evolutionists variations of this question for years, but have failed to receive anything but evasive answers and hand-waving, if not outright derision. And that’s because the origin of life is a thorn in the side for evolutionists. There is no evidence suggesting life can or did originate on its own, yet they’re required to believe- based on their worldview- that, ‘given enough time’, anything can happen.

Fortunately, not all scientists agree with that philosophy. In an interview with physicist Eric Hedin, Editor Jennifer Kabbany discusses the origin of life issue in an article appearing in The College Fix.

Hedin was asked the question, “Do people who have not studied this issue in depth truly understand the mathematical enormity of the fine-tuning argument? It’s not just ‘the chances are low’ that life arose by chance.” And he responded, saying, “Honestly, as a physicist I would be willing to say the physical reality chance of life originating on its own by natural processes within this universe is zero, not just low.”

Needless to say, I love his response! He’s spot on. I’ve often heard astronomical responses (one in 10 to the power of 100 billion) that defy probability, or analogies, such as Fred Hoyle likening the probability of life arising by chance to a Boeing 747 being fully assembled by a tornado in a junk yard. Regardless, the odds are so infinitesimal that, in reality, there’s no chance at all.

Hedin explains: “There is a finite universe. We don’t have an infinite amount of time, the universe has a finite age, roughly 13.8 billion years. That limited time, limited spatial extent of the universe means that there’s a limited amount that any natural randomness could generate. The probabilistic resources of our universe fall short of what is necessary to develop even one large functional protein molecule that would be just one of tens of thousands of different protein molecules that are needed for human life to exist. It’s almost to me desperate to keep trying to think that this could have happened by chance.”

Of course, poor odds won’t stop evolutionists from abandoning their theories for more reasonable ones- such as the universe and life being created by God on purpose. Hedin is very aware of this and even points to the religious aspect of atheism, which is at its roots. Naturalism has become so pervasive in schools, science, and even churches, Hedin says, “There are people who want to keep it that way because they know if it didn’t happen naturally, then it’s happening supernaturally, and that opens the door for a divine designer and they are very opposed to that.”

And if evolutionists can’t compete in the arena of ideas, they have other tools at their disposal, including censorship. For example, Heden was a physics professor at Ball State University, and for six years he taught a popular class called “Boundaries of Science”. But atheists put pressure on the university to cancel the class, and President Jo Ann Gora obliged, shutting it down. Sadly, academic freedom and the discussion of ideas does not exist on many college campuses if you disagree with the modern academic paradigm. On campuses like this, you couldn’t teach anything but a flat earth… if that’s what the overwhelming majority of scientists thought; anything else would be considered a belief, and not a scientific theory.

Of course that’s absurd, but it’s the reality of today’s logic found in many major institutions. Truth isn’t important. Only maintaining the accepted narrative. Nonetheless, it’s important to shed as much light on the truth as possible, and the truth is, life only comes from life. There are no exceptions, and that is irrefutable.

Hedin also has a book titled “Canceled Science: What Some Atheists Don’t Want You To See”, in which he tells the story of the militant, atheist attacks on him while at Ball State University, and he presents evidence supporting the intelligent design of our universe.

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