The Earth’s Protective Bubble

Here’s an article from Phys.Org that’s exciting on two levels. First, it sheds light on some of the most vital forces in our universe and how they operate. Second, the discovery provides evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe- one of the most powerful arguments for creation.

I remember learning about the layers of the earth’s atmosphere in high school and how they protect us from the sun’s harmful rays and meteorites. The ozone, for example, protects us from ultraviolet radiation and warms the earth, and the mesosphere prevents most meteorites from hitting the earth’s surface. But this article refers to the heliosphere- a protective “bubble” surrounding our solar system that shields the planets from radiation produced by distant supernovas.

Scientists have been studying this protective bubble, and there’s plenty of mystery surrounding it. No one knows its true size or shape, or precisely how it works. Therefore, a team of astrophysicists from various universities and institutions went to work making sophisticated computer models and came up with theories that could answer some of these questions.

What scientists do know is that the heliosphere is produced by the solar wind when the sun ejects jets of energy and matter into space; these heliospheric jets become unstable when cosmic rays enter our solar system, and this instability helps filter out harmful radiation. But scientists didn’t know what caused the instability until the team stationed at Boston University discovered that neutral hydrogen particles from space are colliding with the jet stream and bending the heliosphere into what they call a ‘croissant’ shape.

All that is very interesting, but what really interests me is that this is just another example of how our universe is finely tuned for mankind and life on earth to, not just exist, but thrive. If the laws of physics were off by just a little, life would be impossible. However, we find these laws to be exactly where they need to be to make life possible, and this suggests something special about humans.

Sadly, atheists and most evolutionists are forced by their own philosophy to believe all this is coincidental, and that there is no purpose to our existence. Thus, all their efforts are focused on figuring out how the universe and life occurred naturally, without a God or gods to cause it. One obvious problem with this manufactured philosophy is, if God really did create everything, then all of their ‘science’ will naturally be misleading. And I’d argue that’s exactly what we find with secular science.

All the evidence needed to call naturalism into question is available. Religion, therefore, provides a legitimate explanation for the existence of all things. More specifically, God has revealed our origin and preserved it in the book of Genesis. I believe that mainstream science is not well served by purposely rejecting or ignoring this. If God does exist and has revealed himself in Scripture, then that explains why the laws of physics and the universe appear to be finely tuned for our existence- because they were!

Still, skeptics deny this and claim such appearances are an illusion. But what evidence do they have for these improbable conditions? None that have merit. Rather, they resort to evasiveness, hand-waving and derision. And that’s one reason why atheism, evolutionism and naturalism are religions in their own right. Their tenants must be believed by faith (not reason or facts). Thus, they’re being hypocritical when they choose to reject God’s existence in favor of their own religion- naturalism. There’s no logical reason to do that, except prejudice. Science certainly doesn’t demand naturalism. In fact, the very founders of modern science (Francis Bacon) were creationists.

Therefore, the fine-tuning of the universe is strong evidence for God’s existence and his creation. It explains how and why life on earth exists, and how it is being protected from the destructive forces that reach far beyond our solar system.

Photo credit by Nick Lake. Circled above is the supernova discovered in Cassiopeia on March 18, 2021, located above the Bubble Nebula.

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