Are Religion and Science in Conflict?

I love these videos put out by PragerU. They’re short and to the point, and narrated by various experts in their fields. Here we have Dr. Stephen Meyer asking a popular question about faith and science.

Today, science can mean anything to anyone. Two persons arguing opposite sides may claim they’re “following the science”. The word has been used, abused and thoroughly politicized so much that it’s starting to lose meaning. It’s even become a punchline for comedians.

For more than 100 years we’ve been hearing some claim there’s a conflict between religion and science, and Stephen Meyer does a nice job refuting this. He addresses the history of science, design, reason, order, presuppositions, and the laws of nature in order to show that it was specifically Judeo-Christian values that brought us science and the scientific method.

Take a look at this short video. It’s the first in a five-part series.

From PragerU

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