What Happens Inside Our Cells

The fascinating world inside our cells is absolutely spectacular! Check out this mind-blowing animation from Harvard.

Life at the molecular level resembles a construction crew, with workers (like kinesins) performing complicated tasks and working toward a common goal or purpose. Complex functions are planned and executed at just the right time and place to keep us alive, and to make repairs when things go wrong.

But how does all this happen? DNA acts like a blueprint with instructions, and the instructions are generated by a computer code, represented by the letters GACT. Once the blueprints are read, the workers get busy, helping build the molecules and proteins necessary for life.

Take a look at the animation to get a better idea of what’s taking place trillions of times a day in our cells. You’ll see elements of design and organization. Some of the tiny molecular machines include motors, rotating axles, transport chains, packaging, transcription, dynamic scaffolding, a signal broadcasting system, electrochemical batteries, a mechanical tension sensing system, and more is yet to be discovered.

After observing this cellular universe, I think some important questions come to mind: who designed it? Did it happen by chance, or on purpose? Consider, if one were to come across a mechanical watch in a desert, and it were still ticking, would you know whether an intelligent agent designed it, or did it come about by chance? I think most (if not all) would understand it was designed by a watchmaker. Yet what takes place inside the cell is far more complex than what occurs inside a watch.

I was recently asked, “how do you distinguish between a system that was designed vs. one that evolved naturally?” I responded that a designed system would show useful elements functioning in synchrony to serve a particular function. We’d find many complex pieces intentionally designed for a purpose. We should see order. Further, there would be communication among all agents involved using a common language. And, just like a watch, this is exactly what we see at the molecular level- molecules serving a purpose that a designer had in mind. The same design logic used in human engineering is seen in living systems- as though a mind planned every component to fit together within an overall system- like a symphonic orchestra.

However, what we don’t see is a long, unguided process, as predicted by evolutionary theory. Evolutionists predicted our bodies should have clumsy, poor, suboptimal design since nature has no goal in mind. Structures should come together haphazardly, with existing structures being coopted as a response to environmental conditions. But scientists have discovered that living things are highly optimized with the best possible design. Several more videos are included for reference.

With the rise of modern science, scientists sought to understand the universe that God created via the scientific method, and today we can look deeper into the molecular level than ever before, and even further into the known universe, and God’s word remains true: “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” Romans 1:20


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