NASA’s Newest Astronauts, 2020

I was looking at NASA’s website and noticed that their latest graduating class of astronauts was just announced. This is exciting because these new astronauts are part of the Artemis space program scheduled to return mankind to the moon, and perhaps, someday, Mars! The anticipation for this special mission is growing, and all the different space agencies are coming together to make this happen.

The resumes of this graduating class are impressive and includes eleven astronauts from the United States and two from Canada. Three of the graduates served in the U.S. Navy, two in the Air Force, one in the Army, and another was a Marine. Their expertise includes various degrees in engineering, geology, biology, medicine, marine science and mathematics. Six are pilots with experience ranging from strike fighter squadrons, test pilots, rescue pilots, commercial flight, and even a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. One has submarine warfare experience, another served in Navy SEAL operations, one was deployed in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and one served on board the USS Ronald Reagan. Dr. Jonny Kim, who has completed over 100 combat missions, earned both a Silver Star and Bronze star for his efforts.

On a more personal level, two of them- Bob Hines and Warren Hoburg- are from my home state of Pennsylvania, and I find it cool that Hines is a local guy from Harrisburg, right next door to me. I’m looking forward to following both their careers and accomplishments.

Senator Ted Cruz attended the event and said,

“I congratulate these exceptional men and women on being the first graduating class of the Artemis program. They are the pioneers of the final frontier whose work will help fortify America’s leadership in space for generations to come. I am excited for the opportunities ahead of them, including landing the first woman ever on the surface of the Moon, and having the first boots to step on Mars.”

The goal for the Artemis mission is to land on the moon by 2024, explore the lunar surface, and then reach Mars around 2035.

NASA’s new class of astronauts – Pictured from left are: Kayla Barron of NASA, Zena Cardman of NASA, Raja Chari of NASA, Matthew Dominick of NASA, Bob Hines of NASA, Warren Hoburg of NASA, Jonny Kim of NASA, Joshua Kutryk of CSA, Jasmin Moghbeli of NASA, Loral O’Hara of NASA, Jessica Watkins of NASA, Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons of CSA, and Frank Rubio of NASA.
Credits: NASA

3 thoughts on “NASA’s Newest Astronauts, 2020

  1. I will have to get my space ship ready and join them! There is enough science in the bible to show us how to go to the moon. It was in front of us the whole time. There are lists of things Science is just figuring out. Like Dinosaurs. God was boasting about his creation of how powerful it is in Job and mentioned them. Jesus walked on the water and one day we will use quantum levitation to fly cars around. And nuclear bombs the flying scrolls and the people burning up and their tongues melting out of their mouths and eyes from their heads, a terrible plague.
    What is the best invention of all is, Forgiveness. To love your enemies is rocket science. No Psychology can beat good old forgiveness. It is more powerful than rocket fuel. And as we see with the devil, bitterness has everlasting life as well and a poison stronger than arsenic and more powerful than a metal trap. Yet, Christs blood is like the wealth of all the nations and a million great lakes of water and can purify and remove the poison of bitterness, pride, greed and lust.
    The Science the world has is not even a scrapping of dust compared to the wealth found in the bible and in Christ.
    And when they get to the moon. God will have already been there, because He alone built it and spans the heavens himself.

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