Happy New Year from Sixdaysblog

To close out 2021, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog, read any of my posts, or commented. I truly enjoy writing, and I’m looking forward to a new year of blogging and your support.

Recapping this year, here are the top posts of 2021.

The number one post for 2021 is “The Magician’s Twin” with 7,856 views. This article was a review on a documentary on the subject of Scientism- an approach to reduce everything scientifically to materialistic, blind, undirected causes.

Number two on the list is a “Debate: Jason Lisle & Hugh Ross: Young Earth vs. Old Earth Creationism” with 547 views. This post was a debate between two astrophysicists defending their Biblical and scientific beliefs.

The third-most popular post was “Reports of a Feathered Dinosaur Found in Australia” with 161 views. This post was a refutation on an article claiming that a feathered dinosaur was found in Australia. Read on to find out what was really discovered.

These top three posts were written prior to 2021. However, my top post written in 2021, but number six overall, was “Who Built the Egyptian Pyramids?” with 57 views. Read the post to find the answer to the burning question posed by historians.

Another interesting stat for 2021 is for the number of countries represented. I’m very thankful for my readers from the Philippines, as they were number one.

1: Philippines (7,896)

2: United States (2,212)

3: Canada (154)

Finally, I am thankful for God’s many provisions and faithfulness this year. Although Covid has challenged our lives and affected us in many ways, God is good, and I pray for his ongoing mercies and blessings in 2022. God bless.

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